We asked Emeline to be our doula having only spoken with her over the phone, and we were so happy we did when we finally met her. There aren’t enough words to describe how helpful Emeline was to us during my labour – she has such a peaceful, calming spirit and it made a huge difference having her by our side given the lack of support in Singapore hospitals. Post-delivery she was also amazingly helpful on many things including breastfeeding and we felt huge relief knowing we had her support once we brought our baby home. Thank you so much Emeline!”

Sumin, Mum to Vera


I attended the Baby Massage Course with my first baby when she was just 5 weeks old.  I was welcomed into the class by Emeline, who is so warm and friendly.  It was a wonderful way to bond and spend time with my baby and as a first time mum it really helped me gain confidence as a parent and meet other mums with babies.

Kylie, Mum to Louis


I love Emeline’s classes and I have attened her baby massage and baby yoga classes with both of my children.  I made some wonderful friends through the course – I can’t recommend them enough!

Emma, Mum to Ben and Chloe


My baby had terrible colic, Emeline came and did two private baby massage classes.  She helped me enormously!  She showed me a baby massage routine and also ways to settle and comfort my baby.

Sarah, Mum to Clara


My husband and I attended Antenatal Classes, I found her classes to be really fun and a great way to meet other parents on the same journey as us.  The classes were really educational, interactive and gave both my husband and I lots of tools and tecniques that we could use during labour – which were invaluable on the day.

Marc and Fran