Emeline Hare

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"There is not one way to give birth, or bring up a child"

Emeline Hare founded My Baby Adores in 2006

Emeline is passionate about health and well-being, she is the mother of three children and published her first book, The Gift of Birth in 2020.

Emeline has worked within the NHS (National Healthcare System, UK), the NCT (National Childbirth Trust, UK) and within private healthcare clinics.  Since moving to Singapore in 2013, Emeline has worked within many of the private and government hospitals, where she is registered, both on the labour and postnatal wards.

Emeline volunteered for several years at Shooting Stars Children’s Hospice and White Lodge, a centre for babies and children with disabilities, where she provided remedial massage and yoga (and made lots of cups of tea).  She has also worked within Community Centres, both within the UK and Toronto, Canada, where she supported low-income families, through education and emotional support.


University of Cambridge, PGDip in Antenatal Education and Neonatal Care, Lactation Specialist, Breastfeeding Counsellor, Dip in Hypnobirthing, Yoga Instructor, Reflexologist, International  Teacher Trainer in Baby Massage, Baby Yoga Teacher, Doula and Sleep Consultant.


My Journey

It was after I attended a baby massage course with my firstborn, where I fell in love with the entire concept and the amazing benefits it brought us both.  The course sent me on an incredible journey, four months later I attended a baby massage instructor course and I have never looked back.

Over the years I have attended many courses and seminars, including completing an advanced post graduate diploma and specialist training in neonatal care.

Having lived and worked within three continents, some of my greatest learning has come from spending hundreds of hours supporting couples and young families through government and private healthcare systems, on labour wards, in postnatal clinics, community centres and within their homes.

“To be invited into someone’s life at such a special time such as pregnancy, birth or to support with their newborn is a real honour”


Our Philosophy

Our philosophy is about empowerment through education, enabling couples to make informed choices and decisions about their labour, birth, and care of their baby. Everyone is entitled to a beautiful birthing experience; however, it may unfold.

  • Knowledge is power, the more we know the less we fear. We provide up to date evidence-based research so that you can make educated decisions with your health care provider through pregnancy, birth and postnatally.
  • Trust, women are made for birth, so when we lean into the process and learn to trust our body and work with the process of labour, the outcome is often much better. We teach techniques such as hypnobirthing, affirmations, meditations, breathing and yoga, to help women feel calm, confident, and relaxed.
  • Our aim is to equip couples with tools and techniques for a positive and joyous experience.


Accredited by:

  • Royal College of Midwives UK
  • Approved Training Provider by the International Institute of Holistic Therapies
  • Fedant, Federation of Antenatal Educators and Breastfeeding Counsellors


“Emeline Hare has this angel like nature! I am sure it is a blessing for every single mum to get to know her and benefit from her knowledge on Baby Massage and Baby Yoga”.

Cornelia Guenzel-Dahinten from Conscious Parenting

“I have worked with Emeline for over two years, she has a wonderful calm nature, very approachable and knowledgeable offering ante natal and post partum support and in particular teaching new parents the amazing benefits of Baby Massage”.

Dr Katie Shaw

“I have observed Emeline’s work over the years and she is very knowledgable and experienced but above all she is very respectful and caring.”

Professor Yen, Obstetrician

“I first met Emeline in 2007 when I brought my first born to one of her Baby Massage Courses. We could see her passion and energy from the beginning of the course, and she made all of us new moms feel entirely at ease and at home. Each week she would share the different benefits of massage for both mother and baby. I cannot recommend Emeline’s Baby Massage and Baby Yoga Classes more highly.”

Dr Catherine Sutton, Chiropractor