Baby Massage

Baby massage has wonderful health benefits and also helps to deepen the bond and connection between baby and parent. Suitable for babies from four-weeks to active crawlers.
  • Four-week course
  • My Baby Adores Organic Oil is provided
  • Handout on the Baby Massage Routine covered within the course
  • Drinks and biscuits served at the end of each class
  • Cost: $110 per course
  • Private sessions also available

Baby Yoga

Baby Yoga is a great way to bond and relax with your baby. Baby Yoga classes encourage you and your baby to continue and enjoy a massage routine, whilst exploring movement and yoga stretches together.
  • Four-week course
  • Classes are friendly and relaxed
  • Suitable for babies from four-weeks to one year (babies will be put onto courses with similar age babies)
  • Drinks and biscuits served at the end of each class
  • Cost: $110 per course

Workshops for Colicky and Unsettled Little Ones

Learn baby massage and baby yoga techniques to help soothe and calm baby’s who suffer from wind, colic or who are unsettled. You will learn how to boost baby’s digestion, eliminating wind and congestion, along with a variety of relaxing moves and positions to help soothe and comfort.
  • One-hour session
  • Suitable for all babies
  • Handout at the end of the workshop
  • Drinks and biscuits provided
  • Cost: $25 per session

Workshops for Dads

A wonderful one-hour session where you will learn a massage routine along with yoga moves. A great way to enhance the bond between father and baby. Suitable for babies from four-weeks to crawling.
  • One-hour session
  • Classes are friendly and relaxed
  • Held on Saturday mornings (view dates here)
  • Cost: $25 per session
  • Private Tuition and Gift Sessions also available

Sleep Workshops

Sleep Settle and Soothe Workshop

A wonderful one-hour session combining massage, yoga, reflexology and settling holds. We will discuss calming and soothing techniques to relax and calm baby and also bedtime routines.

A bottle of organic baby massage oil and a handout on the session will be provided.

At the end of the session drinks and homemade cakes will be served.

  • One hour session
  • Classes are friendly and relaxed
  • Held on Saturday mornings
  • Cost: $25 per session

Sleep Doctor

An in depth talk on the science behind babies sleep patterns.

If some of the questions below apply to you then please come and join us.

  • Have you ever wondered how much sleep babies should have?
  • Why do some babies sleep so much and others not?
  • When do babies sleep through the night?
  • How can I help my baby settle with another care giver?
  • How can I encourage self-settling?
  • How can I encourage an independent sleeper?
  • How do I tell if my baby is over tired or if they are over stimulated?
  • How do I tell if my baby is over tired or if they are over stimulated?
  • How do I set a bed time routine that will work for baby?

At the end of the class, we will have an open question and answer session along with healthy snacks and drinks. Handouts will also be provided.

Cost: $50

Fun with First Foods

A stress-free approach to starting solids:

Come learn about the when, why, what and how of introducing solid foods.  We will discuss what foods to introduce first, how to prepare baby foods, how to reduce the risk of allergy, and what feeding supplies you’ll need. Recommended age range of babies is 4-6 months or anyone considering starting or struggling with solids.  Babies welcome to attend to.

Play mat with toys will be out for your babies.

A handout on the talk will be provided along with light refreshments.

Antenatal Courses

Get Ready for Birth Couples Workshop

A wonderful three hour intensive Antenatal Workshop, preparing couples for labour, birth and the first few hours and weeks with your newborn baby. In this workshop we will focus on practical techniques and tips, including; hospital essentials, birth plan, positions for labour and birth, natural and medicated pain relief options, welcoming your baby and post partum healing. These workshops are a great opportunity for you to gain support and meet other expectant couples.

Healthy snacks and drinks will be provided as well as handouts on the topics covered.

Cost: $250 per couple

Mummy to be Workshop

This workshop is specifically designed to give expecting mummy’s top tips for birth as well as offering practical and emotional advice for labour, birth and the early weeks with a newborn.

This session is a great way to meet and connect with other expecting mothers.

Healthy snacks, drinks and handouts will be provided.

Cost: $50

Private Group Sessions – for you and your friends

If you would like to organise a private session or course for you and a group of  friends then please do contact me – these sessions can also take place in your own home.

Private Appointments

For private one to one sessions and appointments please call Emeline: Tel: +65 8298 0616