Emeline Hare

My Baby Adrores was founded by Emeline Hare in 2007

Emeline is passionate about health and well-being and has supported families across the globe with their newborn, she is the mother of three children and author of The Gift of Birth.

Emeline has a background in Health Sciences and went onto complete a postgraduate diploma in Antenatal Education and Neonatal Care.  She spent two years training to become an accredited Breastfeeding Counsellor in the UK and attended Lactation Specialist Training at the International Breastfeeding Centre, Toronto, where she lived for a year with her young family.

Emeline is passionate about Baby Massage and Baby Yoga, the wonderful health benefits it provides and the deep bond and connection it brings between parent and baby. Emeline runs Baby Massage Teacher Training Courses worldwide, and regularly runs courses and workshops for parents and their baby in Singapore.

Course are accredited by:

  • Royal College of Midwives UK
  • Approved Training Provider by the International Institute of Holistic Therapies
  • Federation of Holistic Therapies and the Complimentary Health Organisation


“Emeline Hare has this angel like nature! I am sure it is a blessing for every single mum to get to know her and benefit from her knowledge on Baby Massage and Baby Yoga”.

Cornelia Guenzel-Dahinten from Conscious Parenting

“I have worked with Emeline for over two years, she has a wonderful calm nature, very approachable and knowledgeable offering ante natal and post partum support and in particular teaching new parents the amazing benefits of Baby Massage”.

Dr Katie Shaw

“I have observed Emeline’s work over the years and she is very knowledgable and experienced but above all she is very respectful and caring.”

Professor Yen, Obstetrician

“Throughout our pregnancy, birth and parenting journey we received continuous care, education and guidance. We felt we had such a positive experience due to the support we had, we are so grateful to Emeline.”

Helen and Tim Field, Parents

Dr Sabine is a pharmacist and naturopath and brings over 20 years of experience in the healthcare industry.

She specialises in tailor-made holistic treatments for young and old.

Of course, basic nutritional advice will always be part of her treatment plans. If needed, she employs lab tests, such as, comprehensive stool tests, hair mineral and saliva/urinary testing on hormones and neurotransmitters but also organic acid test.

Sabine’s biggest passion in her therapy is herbal medicine, in particular, tea preparations, but she also applies Spagyric and Gemmo methods.

Dr. Sabine has a PhD in Human Biology and a Masters degree in Pharmaceutical Sciences, as well as a postgraduate diploma in Alternative Medicine. She works in english and German.